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Sandy & Steve Howard - Scentsy Family Directors

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How I Got Started with Scentsy


I discovered Scentsy with great reluctance....You know the story, you’re invited to a home party, it’s a good friend, you feel obligated, but really don’t want to go. Walked in her front door and I couldn't believe the amazing scent that this warmer was putting off. Needless to say I ordered a warmer and 3 scents. That was almost eight years ago now, since then I have added many more warmers to our home and an endless array of scents. Truthfully, I am just so taken by the product I decided to start my own Scentsy business in 2009 and share it with old friends, new friends and family!

I am a very happily married (40 years now) mother and grandma. I retired from the local phone company several years ago with 29 years of employment.  I felt that Scentsy Candles were something I would enjoy marketing since I am so totally addicted to them myself, plus they are completely safe and healthy with zero carbon emission which is great news for my family's health and safety!

At this time of my life while enjoying retirement and grandchildren so much, I was excited to learn that there was a candle product on the market that was incredibly safe (we even have two warming all the time while in the RV). There are no open flames with Scentsy due to the fact that the warmers use a low watt light bulb to melt the highly scented wax. They eliminate the threat of house fires if children accidentally knock them over or should you forget to turn them off when leaving (actually mine are on all day!). The scented wax actually melts just slightly above body temperature so you don't need to worry about the wax burning your children or grandchildren if they should come into contact with it.

. My husband was extremely happy to see that Scentsy did not give off any soot as the wax melted. Over the years he has had to paint our ceilings several times to hide the soot left on the ceiling from all the candles that I burned. Needless to say he was all for me getting a couple of Scentsy Warmers and throwing my old soot covered candle jars in the garbage for good.  Today Steve has become an equal partner in this exciting business we are both enjoying.

Scensty provides a great opportunity to get in with a company that is young and growing! What more can you ask for; Representing a company that is safe for the environment and has given me the opportunity to make money while doing what I love!  (must mention the all-inclusive incentive trips we have earned to Costa Rica & the Bahamas).  We have a great team in place and would love to have you join us on this journey of a lifetime, the sky's the limit.  Contact us for more information or just jump in and join us!  We will support and mentor you to grow and enjoy YOUR business......we will always be here for you!

We treasure both our customers and team members; our ultimate goal is to provide excellence in service to both our customers and team members!

Sandy & Steve Howard

Independent Scentsy Directors
702-645-5785 or text at 702-499-5290


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